Tales of Ships and Shipwrecks

The first recorded shipwreck in Jersey was probably caused in the middle of the 6th century AD by St Helier laying false lights in the hope of luring pagan seafarers (or pirates depending on your viewpoint) to a watery grave. The fact that he was not successful on at least one occasion explains how he came to be separated from his head.

However, that unknown vessel was simply one of many boats that went to the "great boatyard in the sky" because of the reefs and the rocky coastline of the island. Here are some stories of some others.


HMS Havick, 1800

HMS Persian, 1813

The Fanny, 1825

Betsey and Jane, 1826

General Brock, 1826

The Quixote, 1830

The Juno, 1835

The PS Express

Le Jean Goujon, 1864

The SS Atala, 1925

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