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Welcome to the Patrimoine des Côtes Homepage. Our website should allow you to explore some of Jersey's rich maritime heritage


A schooner rigged working boat in London Bay, St Helier harbour in the 1890s

 Friends of the Maritime Museum

 Wreck of HMS Havick 1800

 Admiral Philippe de Carteret

 The Voyage of the Fairlina, 1864

 The historic boat collection

 TB Davis and the Westward


 Jersey Privateers

Other sites of Channel Island maritime interest

Friends of the Maritime Museum

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Events - 60 YEARS ON Fiona and Diana go back to St Malo

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The wreck of HMS Havick 1800

 The events of 9 November 1800

 Uncovering the wreck

 The last hours on board

 Which other ships were in St Aubin's Bay that night


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Admiral Philippe de Carteret (1733- 1796)

Philippe de Carteret

The first circumnavigation 1764-66

The second circumnavigation 1766-69

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The Voyage of the Fairlina, 1864

from an original narrative by James Sauvage

The Fairlina.

The voyage from Liverpool to the River Plate

The voyage down to Cape Horn

The voyage from Cape Horn to Valparaiso

The voyage from Huanchaco home to Liverpool

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The Historic Boat collection

An Outline History of Jersey boats






Howard D

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TB Davis and the Westward

TB Davis

The schooner Westward

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This site is still being added to.


Why Shipwrecks happen?

Tales of Ships and Shipwrecks

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Jersey Privateers


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