The Diana and the Fiona return to St Malo


On June 24th, 2000 the Diana and the Fiona took part in the St Helier Yacht club's rally to St Malo to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the action which earned the club the right to fly a defaced Red Ensign as a Battle Honour. Of the 20 vessels that went down to St Malo to help with the evacuation of troops between 17 and 19 June 1940 only three remain - The Diana and the Fiona are cared for by the Jersey Heritage Trust and the Desirée by Mr Roy Deeming.

The Fiona left St Helier harbour at 5:00 am BST and enjoyed a fine north westerly, force 4, breeze down to St Malo. At times sailing at over 61/2 knots, the passage took just over 61/2 hours. Just off the French coast the breeze picked up to a force 5 and there was a bit of a short sea but Fiona performed majestically. It was here, just behind Cézembre, that the Diana and the Desirée motored past.


JEP photographer Jon Guegan's photographs give an excellent flavour of the event.

The Diana

The Fiona

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