Format of a typical Letter of Marque


In his book "A History of the Bailiwick of Guernsey", L.James Marr gives this as being the format for a typical "Letter of Marque" supplied to local privateers.


"(name of monarch), by the Grace of God (etc.,etc.).

Whereas our said Commissioners for executing the office of our High Admiral have thought (name of privateer) fitly qualified who hath equipped, furnished and victualled a ship called (.........), privateer, of the burthen of about .... tons, whereof the said (name of privateer) is Commander. Know ye therefore, that we do, by these presents grant Commission to, and do license and authorize the said (name of privateer) to set forth in warlike manner the said ship called (name of ship), privateer, and by his own command and with force of arms to apprehend, seize and take the ships, vessels and goods belonging to France and other our enemies, their vessels and subjects or, territories or dominions.

Provided always that the said (name of privateer) keep an exact journal of his providings, and therein particularly take notion of all Prizes which shall be taken by him.

And we pray and desire all Kings, Princes, Potentates, Estates and Republics, being our friends and allies, to give the said (name of privateer) all aid, assistance and succour in their ports with his said ship.

Given at London.... day of (month) (year)"


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